May 15, 2013

Retirement Special!

Retiring Stamps (Available April 24-June 3, 2013)


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Retiring Accessories (Available April 24-June 3, 2013,

or while supplies last)


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And the Treasure Hunt Winner is ……

Heather Hopson

The KITS Winner is ……

Priscilla Yohann

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April 11, 2013

Black Ink Update


April 9, 2013

After months of testing and working with our vendor, we are ready to provide you with a status report!

What’s changed?
As mentioned in our last current update, we have accepted a formula with our supplier that shows improvement. The new formula has a reduced dye concentration that will allow it to better absorb into the cardstock. Reducing the concentration didn’t change the rich black color we all know and love; it only affects how the cardstock takes the ink.

What about drying time?
Because the ink absorbs better into the cardstock, it will dry in under a minute in some cases. It can take longer depending on the run of your cardstock and the age of your ink pad. If you are using an old ink pad, one of the refills with the improved formula will rejuvenate your pad. Also keep in mind that larger stamps or a more solid image may require a longer drying time.

What’s the deal with Whisper White Cardstock?
We initially discovered that our specification tolerance is too broad, meaning that there is a broad variance in ink absorption and drying time. Our Whisper White Cardstock is not a custom cardstock for Stampin’ Up! like our other cardstock colors, so we don’t have control over its tolerance. We have since requested that our supplier provide us with cardstock within a tighter range of tolerance. Still, our tests proved that the new ink formula works better on most, not all, of our Whisper White Cardstock. The performance of the ink depends on the run of the cardstock. It is not possible to tell when a packet of Whisper White Cardstock was produced. If you are concerned with the quality of your cardstock, we recommend using StazOn ink, instead of Basic Black.

What if I need to exchange or return my Basic Black Classic Stampin’ Pad?
If you have experienced problems with your Basic Black Classic Stampin’ Pad, contact Demonstrator Support. Please have your pad in hand-it will help the agent know how to best help you.

When can I get my hands on the improved Basic Black ink?
The improved Basic Black ink pad and refill are currently being sold. Surprise! Remember, depending on the Whisper White Cardstock you are using, you may still experience smearing and high drying times. We recommend that you use StazOn instead of the Basic Black Classic ink pad.

We are pleased with these results so far. Not only has our Basic Black ink formula improved, but the testing process has also shown us how to make improvements to the quality of our Whisper White Cardstock. We will continue to see improvement in the future.

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March 20, 2013

Late Night Stampers Treasure Hunt Blog Hop

Hi Happy Stampers:  Today is the first day of spring and I’m excited to be joining the Late Night Stampers Treasure Hunt Blog Hop.  Even though the LNS blog started on March 1st,  you have plenty of time to play along.


If you haven’t played the LNS Treasure Hunt before, this is a fun opportunity for you to check out some great LNS blogs and be entered to win a grand prize of $150 in Stampin’ Up! products offered by LNS’s Sherrill Graff.  If you’ve played before welcome back, I know you’ll enjoy this new hunt too. Jump right in and start collecting clues! 

Here’s How It Works!

Search the blogs that are listed for treasure hunt clues. All participating blogs will have a picture of the  treasure chest pictured above and a picture of their clue posted.

  • When you’ve found the clue, write down what it is and which blog you found it on
  • You’ll have from March 1st to May 12th, 2013 to collect 50 clues.
  • Once you’ve collected 50 clues, email them to me.  Every correct entry I receive will be entered in Sherrill’s drawing on May 15th as well as my drawing on the same day.  The lucky winner of KITS drawing will receive a surprise “goody bag” filled with all kinds of Stampin’ Up product.

So don’t delay, start blog hopping today. Contest ends May 12th at midnight PST so the winner can be announced on May 15th

 *Note:  On March 1st there were 31 LNS members registered for the blog hop.  When I receive news of new participants, I will update the Participating Blog List, so please come back and check the bottom of my list for new participants. 

So let’s get things started here’s my clue: 

Sponge Daubers – Add subtle touches of Classic Stampin’ Ink.  Daub on stamps or directly on to projects.  Fit on fingers for many uses.  12 daubers – $10.95 – 102892

Late Night Stampers Treasure Hunt Blog List

 Angela Carter
Lisa Kmiec       
Jane Hignite   
Deborah Smart
Penny Hanuszak
Kimberely Morris
Trish Cortez     
Beth Robinson
Rhonda Gabriele 
Jackie Watson
Cynthia Millan
June Reister     
Debbie Broughton
Joni Metras      
Laurie Reaume 
Sherrill Graff    
Nicole  Tugrul 
Shelly Peck       
Megin  Gallagher
Marcee Rodgers
Karen Philipp   
Kris Sobolik       
Heidi Weaver   
Carolyn Bennett
Betty-Ann Manghi
Jan Schoenfeld
Glenda Mollet  
Kat Zariengo    
Katherine Roberts 
Bev Farmer        
Tanya Stottlemire 
Ligeia Baird       
Carolyn Rakowski 
Danielle Calder  
Jaye Catalano  
Lesley Lendon  
Lori Ann Rogers
Vanessa A. Terrell 
Dawn Johnson 
Melissa Banbury 
Janet Yates      
Cathy Parlitsis
Laura Camacho
Lori Sinden       
Kit Gosha            (YOU ARE HERE!)
Beatriz Redd     
Cynthia Simpson
Jayne Stenstrom
Kelli Lichtenberg
Julie Fields        
SuZan Brown    
Lauren Huntley
Siara Acdal        
Tonawanda Yost
Wendy Cranford
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  1. lisa808 says:

    Thanks for the fun hop. I just sent my list.

  2. Jennifer Hovermale says:

    I looked through your gallery. Your cards are very pretty and creative. Just browsing blogs for the treasure hunt. BTW, thanks for the clue.

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